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Tips for Making Cookies

Tips for Making Cookies

by Ünal Güler

Hi, today we will talk about the tricks of making cookie recipe in our article. If you want a cookie that melts in your mouth, the margarine or butter you add must be at room temperature or melted and warm. If you use oil instead of butter, you will get soft cookies, but cookies made with oil will not be as delicious as cookies made with butter. That’s why we use butter throughout our cookie recipes. The softness of the cookies is also a matter of baking, because if the cookie is left for a long time, it will be a dry cookie, so we have to comply with the given time. The full baking consistency should be soft, after taking it out, we have to rest it to cool down. During this resting process, the cookies will dry out.

One of the problems we encounter when baking cookies is the cracking of the cookies. In order to avoid this problem, you have to strictly follow the ingredient list given in the recipe, otherwise the structure of the cookie dough will completely change and cracks will occur.
– We will put the cookies inside the butter. It needs to be at room temperature
– Do not use flour other than the given measure.
– While kneading the cookie dough, it will soften a little from our body temperature. You should definitely keep the cookie dough in the refrigerator for a little (20-30 minutes) to recover itself.
– Cook your cookies on high Do not bake at high temperature.
– When making flour cookies, you should take it out of the oven without letting it harden.

For example: Apple Cookie, Cinnamon Cookie Recipe

– You must sift the flour you will add to the cookie dough.
– If you are going to use baking soda or baking powder, Drop 1 drop of lemon juice on it.
– After adding the flour you added to the cookie dough, you should do the kneading process with your hands.
– The consistency of the cookie dough should be as soft as an earlobe.
– If you are going to make your cookies with fruit (dried fruit)
– If the cookie dough sticks to your hands, keep your hand in cold water, then dry it and continue kneading again.
– If you want your cookies not to stick to the tray, you should lay greaseproof paper on the bottom of the tray.
– If you want to take the baked cookies from the tray without falling apart, you will get better results if you take them while they are still hot.
– Cookies spreading while baking is a very annoying sight, if you don’t want to encounter such an image. z, first leave the baking tray on which you put the cookies in a cool place for 10-15 minutes, then put it in the heated oven.
– The low sides of the tray you will use will cause the heat to spread all over the place in the same way.

Never store in the refrigerator, if your cookies that have been waiting for too long are hard, it means they are stale. The place where you keep your cookie jars should not be too hot, it will cause them to deteriorate in the heat, it is enough to be at room temperature. If you put 2-3 cubes of sugar in the container where you keep the cookies, you will delay the staleness a little longer. If your cookies are stale, you can use them as follows, you can put the pudding you cooked under the bowls you put it in. Again, if you sprinkle water on your stale cookies and bake them at low temperature for 9-10 minutes, they will be fresh. For our cookie recipes, simply click on our Pasts> category.

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