Home Hand and Homemade Wire Kadayif Pastry (with cheese) Recipe
Wire Kadayif Pastry (with cheese) Recipe

Wire Kadayif Pastry (with cheese) Recipe

by Ünal Güler

Hello, we are with you again with a different recipe, Tel Kadayif Böreği (with cheese). Kadayif is a very rich thing, it has many sweet and salty recipes. One of them is the Wire Kadayif Pastry (with cheese) Recipe. In fact, this recipe is a recipe that our mothers make a lot, it is a recipe that is consumed fondly, especially in the month of Ramadan, of my childhood, which has sunk into oblivion. I think and do especially for Sunday tables. We hope you will like the pastry, which is very easy to make, and we say that if you have not tried it before, you should definitely try it. Take it easy, sir..

Ingredient List of Wire Kadayif Pastry (with cheese) Recipe

Half a kilo of fresh kadaifi

200 grams (melted) butter

200 grams of grated white cheese

180 grams of (sliced) cheddar cheese

Ingredients for the sauce

500 grams (2 cups) milk

2 eggs


Tel Kadayif Pastry (with cheese) Recipe< /h2>

Let’s separate the kadaifs from each other in a large bowl, then pour the melted and warmed butter all over the kadaifs. And let’s blend it all over with our hands, this stage is perhaps the most important part of making the Wire Kadayif Pastry (cheese) Recipe. The oil should get all over the kadaifs. Then, let’s put half of the kadaif in a round medium sized pyrex sized baking dish and press the kadaifs well with our hands. You can also press it in a jar, let’s sprinkle grated cheddar cheese on it, then if you are going to use it for pepper, let’s put the peppers that we cut in julienne. Let’s put slices of cheddar cheese on it. Then let’s put the rest of the kadayif on the cheese and press it again. Take the milk in a hollow bowl, add the egg and salt, mix well, pour the sauce we prepared with the help of a spoon in a way that it will be all over the place and press it again. Let’s pour the remaining melted butter on the pastry and let it sit for three to four hours. Let’s cook for half an hour at a preheated 200 degree heat, it should be browned. After cooking, you can slice and serve.

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