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Yarn Bird Craft | Make an Easy Bird from Yarn 8 March Women Day

by Ünal Güler


This yarn bird craft is super cute!! Use leftover yarn from your stash to make one of these decorative birds — it’s SO EASY!

This bird decoration is such a fun spring craft, perfect for both kids and adults. Mix and match your yarn colours to make one of these adorable little birdies!

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How to Make a Yarn Bird

Make one of these adorable yarn birds in 20 minutes or less! It’s a great spring craft for all ages.

Author: Debbie Chapman

Check Out The Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Find what you need

Step 2: Make the yarn bundles

Step 3: Put the bird’s body together

Step 4: Add a beak, eyes, and legs to your yarn bird

Helpful Tips:

  1. For the best looking yarn bird smooth the yarn down as you go and tie the knots tight.
  2. Make a bird with multicoloured wings by using 2 or more colours in that particular bundle (the red bundle in the tutorial above).

Adorable bird craft made from scrap yarn

What type of yarn is best for making a yarn bird?

A strong yarn, like acrylic, is recommended to make a yarn bird, since the knots have to be pulled tight to keep the bird together.

We used a medium/worsted weight yarn to make our yarn birds, but you could use any size. Use chunky yarn to make a bigger bird or wrap it around the cardboard fewer times. Similarly, use thinner yarn for a smaller bird, or wrap it more times.

How many colours of yarn do you need for yarn birds?

We like the look of the tri-coloured bird, with different colours for the face, back, and wings. But you can also use the same colour for both the back and wings.

You can even use more than three colours to make your bird. Try adding 2 or more colours of yarn to the wing bundle for a really cool look!

Holding a DIY yarn bird

What size yarn bird does this make?

Our yarn bird is roughly 3-1/4 inches tall, and 4-1/4 inches long from beak to tail. The exact length will depend on how long or short you cut the tail.

Do I have to use stuffing inside the yarn bird?

You need to use some kind of stuffing in the bird, but it definitely doesn’t need to be fiber fill stuffing. You can easily use cotton balls, scrunch up a tissue, or even a piece of paper and use that to stuff the bird instead.

Group of yarn birds

What if I don’t have beads for the yarn bird’s eyes?

If you don’t have black beads for the bird’s eyes you can also use black rhinestones, googly eyes, or cut small circles from black felt or craft foam.

How can I display my yarn bird?

These yarn birds are such a cute homemade decoration for spring! You can place them in a little wooden bowl or a faux bird’s nest. If you have a decorative birdhouse these yarn birds look adorable glued to the perch!

You can also attach your yarn bird to a spring wreath, place it on the edge of a plant pot, turn it into a Christmas ornament, or even have it guard your aquarium from naughty cats.

DIY yarn birds

Making a yarn bird is a great stash busting project! They’re simple enough for kids to make, and cute enough for adult farmhouse decor.

Choose your favourite colours to make one of these yarn birds. You can use realistic bird colours, pastel spring colours, or fun and bright colours like we did!

Easy yarn bird tutorial

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Our book Low-Mess Crafts for Kids is loaded with 72 fun and simple craft ideas for kids! The projects are fun, easy and most importantly low-mess, so the clean up is simple!

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