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You can get an Air Fort for hours of kids entertainment… I’m in.

by Ünal Güler

OMG. Have you seen an airport? It’s the coolest kids fort idea on the planet and now it comes in a variety of colors and configurations, including indoor playhouse airforts that look like circus tents, houses, barns, and spaceships.

6 Airfort designs depicted in a collage - Big Top Airfort, Barn Airfort, Castle Airfort, Tiki Hut Airfort, Cottage Airfort and Spaceship Airfort
So many cool airport ideas!

Let’s build a fortress with air

When my kids ask me for help building a fort, I always end up making a mess of sheets, blankets, and clothespins.

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Then, after I set it up, the kids manage to put it down in minutes.

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Airfield full of children and parents looking in with a board game on a black and white tiled floor
Let’s play in the airfort!

air fortress

This is one of the reasons I was so excited to discover Air Fort. The cont can be set up in seconds… and it stays active for hours if you want.

Both assembly and disassembly are super easy.

And you don’t have to worry about tidying up like with messy pieces of furniture, which can sometimes be dangerous. Child safety always comes first!

How an Air Fort works

Unpack the lightweight polyester air fort, lay it on the floor, use the four strips of tape to set up an ordinary household fan and turn on the fan.

Voila! That’s it!

The fortress explodes within seconds.

Pink and white filled air fortress from above in living room with rug and couch, with a child looking out from inside the inflated air fortress
With Airfort, fort building has never been easier!

Air Fort game

Children – and adults – can climb into the round fortress by simply lifting the sides and crawling inside. (The fort has no floor, which allows for easy access). Easy entry is also super important so that nobody gets tangled and nothing breaks.

The fortress remains blown up because the fan keeps blowing.

Air Fort Fan

The fan is hidden behind a mesh partition so children cannot reach it. However, for peace of mind and to ensure their safety, you can also peek inside the fortress through the top mesh window.

Which I personally like a lot better than just using a sheet and just flipping the switch on an ordinary household fan. Fans are ok for bigger kids because they know better, smaller kids not so much.

Video: Air Fortress

This fort is perfect for playing

At 77 inches wide and 50 inches tall, the Air Fort is perfect for game dates and sleepovers.

Tell your kids to get their favorite books and you can tell stories in the fortress too. Or if your kids are like my son, pretend it’s their pirate fortress… where adults aren’t allowed!

I would like to say that there is one downside: since it’s a fan that keeps it running, it doesn’t work as a toy storage space like other “permanent” tents. But that’s okay, it’s still the perfect fortress for kids.

Parents and children play with toys in front of an inflated blue, white, yellow and red colored airport
Airfort games are fun!

When playtime is over and it’s time to put the fortress away, simply turn off the fan and fold up the fortress. The Air Fort also comes with a bag for easy storage and portability.

Whilst fort building with sofa cushions and blankets never goes out of style, the Air Fort offers a fantastic alternative if you are looking for a fort that will keep you playing for hours.

What color do you want your Air Fort to be?

Now all you have to do is decide on the color. You can choose from seven colors and buy an Air Fort for $49.95 Amazon.

Inflated air fort and image of children playing inside the air fort

Playtime is important

We all know playtime is important. It encourages many skills and helps initiate independent play, which is so important especially in this day and age when children want to be entertained.

It will help your child engage in role play and active play. Between movement and toys, let your imagination run wild!

And let’s face it, if a slumber party called, that would be the coolest thing. When bedtime approaches, they want to go to bed. Whether they actually sleep or not is another matter.

This children’s fortress is really great for children of all ages. This is really cool stuff.

Spend nice time together

We are all very busy but this awesome pop up tent would make movie night great too. Seriously! Grab your laptop, turn out the lights, grab your snacks, and catch a movie in the inflatable fortress.

Not only can you hang out in an amazing fortress, but movie night is taken to the next level! It’s fun for the whole family!

Looking for more ceiling fort ideas? We have them!

More fortress ideas including this fortress building tool to create staff fortresses
So many ways to build forts!

Whether you’re building ceiling forts or looking for a clean indoor play fort, we can help!

  • Build a big fortress outside! We show you how to make the coolest DIY staff fortress.
  • These blaster boards help build a protective fortress during a Nerf firefight. Sometimes great things come in tiny packaging!
  • Grab a bed sheet and some IKEA furniture to build this awesome ceiling fort.
  • Why do children like to build fortresses?
  • Unfortunately I can’t promise this will be a trouble free fort, but I have to say these forts are super neat. Some of these strongholds have really unique floor designs.

What’s your favorite airport design?

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