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You know when you’re watching a Disney movie and a scene looks familiar? [Video]

by Ünal Güler

One of the things we love most about Disney is the timeless feel we get while watching their cartoons.

Watching Disney Movies Takes Us Back In Time - Kids Activities Blog
Watching Disney movies takes us back in time…

It’s as if each film takes us back to a time when life was simpler.

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It’s like going back to our own childhood every time we see this hero conquer this great battle.

Or watch the princess dance with her prince.

Screenshot of the 1959 Disney films
Hmmmm, that sounds familiar!

Part of what gives us that timeless feeling, that sense of being transported, is that the animation was actually transported.

Screenshot of two Disney movies with similar scenes
Hmmm, that sounds familiar!

When Disney animation began, all of the images were hand-drawn. And considering there are 24 frames per second, that was a lot of drawing!

2 more scenes from Disney movies compared to the video screenshot
Hmmm, that sounds familiar!

One of the ways Disney tried to speed up the process was by recycling old frames.

Screenshot of three frames in two movies that look almost identical to Disney movies
Hmmm, that sounds familiar!

Back then no one could have foreseen a world where these recycled pieces would be seen side by side, but now that we’re there it’s interesting to see how it all worked!

And how Disney inadvertently injects a nostalgic slice into everything we see.

Just look!

Video about why Disney movies feel similar

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