Home Recipe Inspiration Checkered Baton Pasta Recipe
Checkered Baton Pasta Recipe

Checkered Baton Pasta Recipe

by Ünal Güler
Have you tried

Checkery Baton Cake Recipe? Otherwise, you have made this recipe before; but don’t you like it? Now, how about throwing all cake recipes and dessert recipes aside and trying our drip baton cake recipe? If your answer is yes, you should definitely try the Checkered Baton Cake recipe, which is very practical as a dessert recipe and you will get a magnificent cream flavor that you will serve your guests with peace of mind. In addition, you can decorate your sliced ​​cake with chocolate sauces and serve it to your guests by making a different presentation. Good luck with.

Ingredients for Checkered Baton Cake Recipe

2 eggs 80 grams (1 tea glass) sugar
Baking powder (1 teaspoon)
5 Grams (1 tablespoon) cocoa+ 100 grams (1 tablespoon less than 1.5 teaspoons) flour
For plain sponge cake:
2 eggs 80 grams (1 tea glass) sugar< br/> 105 grams (1.5 tea glasses) of flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
Cream ingredients:
1 kilo (4 cups) of milk
80 grams (half a glass of water) flour
80 grams (half a glass of water) starch
180 grams (one finger missing from 1 glass of water) sugar
1 packet of vanilla
50 grams of butter< br/> For the topping:

Checkered Baton Cake Recipe

Let’s prepare the cream for the cream to cool down. For this, combine all the cream ingredients except butter. Take it in a saucepan, mix it and cook it until it reaches the consistency of pudding. Take the cooked cream from the stove, add the butter and mix well. Let’s put the cream aside. First, let’s add the ingredients of the cocoa cake to the mixing bowl and prepare it, pour the mortar into a twenty-eight cm rectangular tray and bake. Let’s prepare the plain cake in the same way. Let’s wait for the cakes to cool after they are baked, then let’s cut the edges and make them flat. Let’s cut the plain cake into six long strips (make sure that the width is equal. Let’s do the same with the cocoa cake. Let’s apply cream between the strips and combine three strips (1 plain, 1 cocoa, 1 plain). Let’s sprinkle milk on it and apply cream. Let’s put three strips between them again. Let’s apply the cream, let’s make it stick. Let’s apply this process until the layers are finished. Let’s apply the remaining cream all over the outer surface, let it sit in the cupboard for a few hours. You can decorate the top of the cake we prepared with whipped cream or melted chocolate in a bain-marie according to your taste. Enjoy your meal..

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