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DIY Egg Candles | How to Make Easter Egg Candles

by Ünal Güler


These DIY egg candles are so cute! Learn how to make egg shaped candles using a real eggshell — it’s a really cool process!

Clean out eggshells and use them as a mold for these colourful Easter egg candles. It’s such a unique craft, and these homemade candles look super cute in an Easter centerpiece!

Closeup on colourful DIY egg candles

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How to Make Egg Candles

Have you ever made an egg shaped candle in a real eggshell?! It’s such a fun spring craft! Follow our step by step tutorial and read below for lots of helpful tips and tricks.

Author: Debbie Chapman

Check Out The Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Find what you need

Step 2: Empty and clean the eggshells

Step 3: Prepare the candle wax

Step 4: Add wicks and pour the wax

Step 5: Remove the shell and trim the wick

Step 6: Enjoy your egg candles!

Helpful Tips:

  1. Having trouble pouring the wax cleanly into the eggshell? Make a small funnel from parchment paper to assist you!
  2. You can smooth out the tops of your egg candles with a heat gun. But be careful that you don’t get too close with the heat, or the hot wax will splatter.

Six different colours of homemade candles shaped like Easter eggs

What type of wax is used to make these egg candles?

We like to use soy wax to make our candles. It’s a natural wax that’s clean burning, and it definitely worked well for these egg candles. However, soy wax is quite soft, so you may want to combine it with beeswax.

If you have an old votive or jar candle lying around you can also melt this wax down and pour it into the eggshells.

What can I burn my egg candle in?

Make sure you burn your egg candle in a ceramic egg cup, egg holder, or a small bowl or round candle holder — something that’s fireproof and will support the egg shape, keeping it from being knocked over.

Easter egg shaped candles made in real eggshells

How much dye is needed to make egg candles?

The amount of candle dye needed will really depend on the brand of the dye, the colour of the dye, and how pastel or brightly coloured you’d like your candle to be.

To make a lighter purple candle, for example, we only needed a tiny pinch of dye per egg candle. But to make a light pink colour we needed to add about 6 times as much dye!

Therefore we definitely recommend adding a small bit of dye at a time, especially if you’re just making 1 candle of each colour.

The liquid wax will be darker than what the actual candle looks like. To know the true colour of the candle add a small drop of wax onto a piece of parchment paper. Allow it to dry (this should happen quickly) and you’ll see the real colour of the wax!

Homemade eggshell candles left to harden in their shell mold

Can I use crayon to colour my candle Easter eggs?

A lot of people use leftover crayons to colour their wax, but using crayon is more just for fun than for actual, functioning candles.

The wax in crayons is totally different from candle wax, and it clogs wicks, preventing them from burning properly. They also contain pigments that aren’t intended to be burned. If you’re already going to the effort of making egg candles, we recommend sticking to wax or liquid dye meant specifically for candles.

Can I add a scent to my egg candles?

Yes, you can definitely add a scent to your candles! We like using essential oils, but you can also use synthetic fragrance oil. The recommended “fragrance load” for soy wax is about 5 – 10% of the weight of the wax used.

Burning an egg shaped candle in an egg cup

Do I have to use a real egg shell to make an egg candle?

Recycling and using an eggshell to make a candle is such a fun idea, but it can take a lot of time to prepare the shell. So if you want to make an egg shaped candle without the prep work you can also buy an Easter egg silicone candle mold.

Can I microwave wax to make egg shaped candles?

We generally don’t recommend microwaving soy wax. You can’t control temperature in the microwave as well as you can on a double boiler.

This leads to hot spots in the wax, which can be dangerous. Microwaving wax is a lot easier, though, so if you really want to do it make sure you melt the wax at low power using short bursts of time. Monitor the temperature carefully each time you remove the wax from the microwave.

DIY egg candles

These egg candles are so adorable! They make such a fun handmade Easter gift for hostesses or friends and family.

This spring activity takes a bit of planning, with the need to clean out the eggshells and allow them to dry, but it’s so worth it to see how pretty they look!

DIY egg shaped candles made in real egg shells

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